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tate modern

Read more –  Tate Modern can be a modern gallery positioned in London, England. It’s Britain’s national gallery of international modern art and forms part of the Tate group (together with Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool,Tate St Ives and Tate Online). It’s the most-visited modern gallery in the world, with around 4.7 million visitors annually. It is based in the former Bankside Power Station, in the Bankside area ofCentral London. The collections in Tate Modern contain works of international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 until today. The Tate Collection is on display on levels three and five from the building, while level four houses large temporary exhibitions plus a small exhibition space on level two houses work by contemporary artists. Once the gallery opened in 2000, the collections were not displayed in chronological order but somewhat arranged thematically into four broad groups: ‘History/Memory/Society’; ‘Nude/Action/Body’; ‘Landscape/Matter/Environment’; and ‘Still Life/Object/Real Life’. This was ostensibly must be chronological survey with the story of modern art such as the Museum of Modern Art in New Yorkwould expose the big gaps within the collections, caused by the Tate’s conservative acquisitions insurance policy for the first 50 % of the 20th century. The very first rehang at Tate Modern opened in May 2006. It eschewed the thematic groupings towards concentrating on pivotal moments of twentieth-century art, with further spaces allocated on levels 3 and 5 for shorter exhibitions. The layout was:

Level 3 – Material Gestures (now closed)

This focuses on abstraction, expressionism and abstract expressionism, featuring work by Claude Monet,Anish Kapoor, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse and Tacita Dean.

Level 3 – Poetry and Dream

This features a large central room dedicated to Surrealism even though the surrounding rooms feature operates by artists influenced by Surrealism and its methods.

Tate Modern as well as the Millennium Bridge. The rebuilt Globe Theatre is at white, on the left

Level 5 – Energy and Process

This targets Arte Povera, with work by artists such as Alighiero Boetti, Jannis Kounellis, Kasimir Malevich, Ana Mendieta, Mario Merz and Jenny Holzer.

Level 5 – States of Flux (now closed)

This concentrates on Cubism, Futurism, Vorticism and Pop Art, containing work by artists including Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and the photographer Eugène Atget,

One third rehang is now beginning. The current arrangement is:

Level 3 – Poetry and Dream

As above.

Level 5 – Structure and Clarity

Focussing on abstract art, replacing States of Flux.

Level 5 – Setting the Scene

A reduced section covering installations with theatrical or fictional themes.

Level 5 – Energy and Process

As above.

The remainder of Level 3 is currently being used for the Damien Hirst exhibition. It has not been announced whether or not this will go back to showing the gathering or whether it will continue to be used for temporary exhibitions. It’s not been announced if the current rehang will eventually replace all of the sections introduced in the first rehang.

tate modern – The Turbine Hall, which once housed the electricity generators from the old power station, is five storeys tall with 3,400 square metres of floorspace. It is accustomed to display large specially-commissioned functions by contemporary artists, between October and March every year inside a series sponsored by Unilever. This series was planned to last the gallery’s first five years, nevertheless the rise in popularity of the series has resulted in its extension until no less than 2012.

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